There is no question that the computer gaming experience is far superior to video game consoles, and this is a trend that has lasted since the 1990s. Even fans of console gaming systems in Apple Valley and Victorville will admit that a custom gaming rig is far more likely to outpace the latest Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation systems.

The Best Systems for Playing Games

Console gaming systems are popular for many reasons; they are focused almost exclusively on games and entertainment, they enjoy heavy marketing and are generally intended to reach several markets. As such, video game consoles are priced in ways to make them attractive to the masses.

Microsoft recently announced that Xbox engineers are working on Project Scorpio, a powerful console that will supposedly be as powerful as a gaming PC in 2016. The official specs of Project Scorpio have not been released, but there have been rumors about 4K resolution and full support of virtual reality gaming.

The Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to be in stores in time for the 2017 holiday season, but industry analysts are not sure that it will do away with custom gaming rigs. At best, Project Scorpio will appeal to gamers who are curious about PC gaming, but who grew up with consoles and thus have a certain preference.

More About Custom PCs from PC Performance Pros

Off-the-shelf gaming PCs that are built with entry-level specs tend to be priced at a level similar to new consoles. State-of-the-art gaming PCs sold at computer retail shops are far more expensive. Custom gaming rigs built at shops such as Victorville have starting prices similar to consoles; however, the customer is in charge and can request higher performance specs that may cost a little more. All these gaming PC options can outperform video game consoles.

The reason why video game consoles are unable to keep up with gaming desktops is that they are not versatile enough. New, advanced graphic cards are routinely released faster than new consoles; this means that the owner of a custom gaming computer built by PC Performance Pros can easily upgrade his or her rig. Such upgrades are not currently supported by the console industry.

PC gaming tends to develop faster than the production schedules at Microsoft and Sony, and this will always be the reason why consoles will not be able to keep up. Additionally, gaming PCs have the added value of being powerful desktops, which means that they can perform many other functions that consoles can’t.