When tech giant Apple introduced the long-awaited iPhone X, the demonstration of the face scanning feature to unlock the device failed during the press conference. Notwithstanding this unfortunate mishap, facial recognition and other forms of biometric authentication seem ready to become the new standard of personal computing security, thereby replacing the current password system.

The face recognition system used in the iPhone X may seem groundbreaking; however, this biometric security system is already present in Windows Hello, developed by Microsoft and incorporated into Windows 10. This feature has been around a few years, but it has not been made widely available due to the slow adoption of biometric sensors in hardware devices.

Leading Technology in Password Technology

Major computer manufacturers such as Dell are leading the move into making Windows Hello the new standard of personal and business computing security. Dell started incorporating Windows Hello into its hardware about a year ago with its Inspiron line of desktops; this is a move that continues in 2017 with the new XPS laptop and the Inspiron 7000 hybrid portable computer. In fact, just about any device powered by an updated version of Windows 10 can be set up to work with Windows Hello provided that it has biometric devices installed, which can either be fingerprint readers or facial scanners.

Microsoft is positioning Windows Hello as the new standard of personal computing security that seeks to eliminate the use of internet passwords completely; for this to happen, a wide adoption of biometrics systems needs to take place, and the commercial servers used by banks, email providers, and many other companies will have to be upgraded with fresh installations of Windows Hello.

With the Windows Hello system, the Adelanto password recovery service offered by PC Performance Pros could become part of history. Adelanto password recovery is currently a convenient service that can help you access your Windows computers or tablets if you have forgotten the system password. Although there are methods to access Windows without a password, namely by choosing the Accounts option on the Start – Settings menu. In this section, you can opt to disable the password challenge, change it to a PIN code or have it managed by Windows Hello if your computer has biometrics; if you are not sure how to set this up, contact our technicians at PC Performance Pros.

Until Windows Hello becomes a new standard, PC Performance Pros will be able to help you regain access to your system with Adelanto password recovery.