Some users of Windows 10 desktops, laptops and tablets may have started off 2018 with certain difficulties associated with the Fall Creators Update. According to press releases issued by software giant Microsoft, the problem originated in the middle of December with the update patch labeled KB4054517.

Days after the KB4054517 patch was released, Microsoft received a flurry of complaints by users whose systems got stuck when the automatic installation of the patch reached the 99 percent level and failed to advance to the completion stage. In most cases, the computers simply stopped responding while older systems may have registered unusually high levels of hard drive and CPU usage to the point of shutting down once the processor temperature reached 95 degrees Celsius. In other cases, a “blue screen of death” reporting error message 0x80070643 has appeared; however, this actually indicates a successful installation of the patch and the error itself should be dismissed.

Where Did The Windows Update Cause Issues?

Microsoft has narrowed down the issue to computers that were reset after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the most comprehensive patch that the company has released for its flagship operating system. In the days before Christmas, Microsoft released a fix for this patch issue.

One of the problems that Microsoft has been experiencing with Windows 10 is that its update system does not give users flexibility in terms of deferring updates, which is precisely what the development team of this advanced operating system intends; however, this rigid update method can backfire when there are issues related to the patches and fixes. The overall Fall Creators Update has been a success in terms of fixing problems and introducing new features, but the update campaign has also created certain issues.

Windows 10 is hardly the only operating system that gave users problems with faulty updates over the holiday. Canonical, the company that develops the popular Linux distribution known as Ubuntu, was forced to stop the download of its latest version after several users complained that their computers were not making progress beyond the BIOS stage.

The best way for your Windows PC to start off 2018 is to have it evaluated and optimized. If you are noticing problems that you believe may have been caused by a Windows 10 update, PC Performance Pros can help you by restoring your computing device to a previous state and reapplying the updates with all the correct patches that have been released by Microsoft.