An old system doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced. There are ways to rejuvenate even an aging system, as long as you have some time to commit to the process. PC Performance Pros are here to provide the best care for aging computers.

Hardware Solutions

  • Install more RAM. Current software systems use more memory than they used to before; a lack of RAM will slow down a computer whenever you try to multitask.
  • Invest in an SSD. Solid state drives are much faster than conventional hard disks, and will improve your computer performance any time data needs to be accessed – when files are being opened, or programs are loading.
  • Get a new graphics card. Is the only problem with your computer that it just can’t run the newest games? Even if your processor and memory are up to par, an older graphics card could hold you back.
  • Install a new processor. Processors are quite expensive, but will usually improve the performance of your computer overall. That being said, if you don’t have much memory, a new processor may not be able to help. Generally, you will want to upgrade both at the same time.

Software Solutions

  • Uninstall unused programs. Any unused programs are just taking up space on your computer – and if they are running on startup, they’re probably slowing it down too.
  • Defragment your hard disk and scan your memory. Memory errors can crop up, and these errors can ultimately slow your entire system down.
  • Run a system scan. There may be malware, adware, or other issues on your computer that you don’t know about. These issues can significantly slow down your system if they aren’t addressed.