The SSD, or solid state drive, has become more common and affordable in recent years. If your Apple Valley system still has an HDD, or hard disk drive, should you upgrade? Is there a better option?

The Pros and Cons

Solid state drives are significantly faster than HDDs. It’s especially helpful to put your operating system on your solid state drive. As the operating system loads every time you start your computer, you’ll frequently benefit from the increased speed. PC gamers will also appreciate storing their favorite games on a solid state drive, as long load times will become a thing of the past. Victorville residents who use intensive professional software, such as audio or video editors, will be able to work faster due to the SSD’s swift load speeds.

Hard disk drives still retain the advantage of size. Terabyte-sized HDDs are common. For those with large collections of music or videos, the size of an HDD is highly desirable. Per dollar, solid state drives offer significantly smaller storage space than their HDD counterparts. As solid state drives increase in size, they quickly rise in price. Unfortunately, it simply isn’t feasible to host large collections of multimedia on any but the largest and most expensive SSDs.

The Compromise

If you’re having difficulty deciding between the speed of an SSD and the size of an HDD, there’s good news. You can have both! In addition to an HDD for storing large files like multimedia and backups, it’s becoming increasingly common for Victorville systems to feature a smaller SSD. The SSD stores frequently used data and software like the operating system, offering users the best of both worlds.