When your desktop, laptop or tablet computer starts malfunctioning, the root cause is not always easy to find. The most common signs of an Apple Valley computing device that is in need of diagnostics and repair include:

  • Frequent error messages and crashes
  • Sluggish performance
  • Strange noises made by traditional hard disk drives
  • Certain applications stop working
  • Windows blue screen of death
  • Failure to shut down or to restart
  • High operating temperatures or loud fans
  • Screen, mouse or keyboard freezes
  • Corrupted files
  • Sudden data loss
  • Video or audio glitches
  • Strange web browser behavior

Many of the situations listed above can be traced to the operating system. Of all the Windows versions currently enjoying active support from Microsoft, Windows 7 is the one with the least amount of known issues, and this is probably due to the fact that this is a seasoned operating system that has received many updates and fixes over the years. Windows 10 should soon surpass Windows 7 as the most reliable operating system; however, even the latest version of Windows is not without certain issues.

Professional PC Performance Diagnostics Test

When you bring your Apple Valley computer to PC Performance Pros for diagnostics, technicians will break down their evaluation of the system down to three components: hardware, software and operating system. In many cases, the root cause of the problem can be found in the configuration of the operating system and how it affects the operation of the hard drive; many other malfunctions can be traced to malware that somehow bypassed the installed antivirus program.

A typical Apple Valley computer diagnostics service performed by PC Performance Pros will involve the use of various software utilities and repair apps that are not generally made available to the public. Windows 10 has a few built-in diagnostic tools and troubleshooters; however, these end-user solutions cannot detect all issues and only offer a few repair options.

Hardware issues are not easily recognized by average computer users. If your computer is overheating, you may immediately think that a dust accumulation around the cooling fans would be the problem, and you are partially correct; however, other issues such as failing RAM, degraded CPUs or graphics cards, and potential hard disk failure could be at play. If you have an older system with a solid state drive installed more than 10 years ago, you might have reached the “final write” cycle. All these issues and many others are part of the Apple Valley computer diagnostics services offered by PC Performance Pros.