Drivers are the coded instructions. Drivers allow your computer’s operating system (OS) to run all of the hardware that is inside of your computer. They also control the operation of the hardware that is outside of your computer (peripheral) such as a printer. Drivers are important. So how do you know when you should update your drivers? That is a question that PC Performance Pros hears a lot from High Desert computer users.Here is our guide:

When Troubleshooting A device:

Any time that your Hesperia based computer is having trouble connecting to a device, or if the device is not working properly, you should consider updating the driver. If your computer is running slow upgrading the driver to a component is not likely to cause your computer to run faster. That is an important distinction because a noticeable drop in computer speed may be a virus. The big message here is that if a specific component is having issues, upgrade the drivers. If the device is working correctly, leave it alone.

TIP: To fix a slow PC, run a virus scan. If that does not help, consider adding more RAM.

Crashes, Failures, and Errors

It happens! You might be working away, and your hard drive crashes. You might be trying to access data from a CD-ROM, and you do not have access or your computer cannot access the drive. You might be searching for a drive that is not showing up in the drive search results. Those are all times when you should consider upgrading the drive. It is also a good time to run a virus scan. Virus and Malware love to mess with drivers. It is as though they get perverse pleasure out of the frustration that a slow PC or a nonworking piece of hardware causes.

Error messages are another warning sign that perhaps the drive needs to be updated. Very rarely will updating the driver give your computer a speed boost. Key drivers deal with chip such as ATI/AMD or Intel. They also deal with the OS (Operating System) such as Windows. The video display or NVidia drivers are also prone to attack by virus or malware.

TIP: The latest driver is not necessarily the best driver for your system. Especially if your machine is two year old or older. When downloading a new driver, opt for the one that matches the hardware. That driver was made for your hardware. A new driver might “Cover” your hardware, but it might also be made for hardware that has additional features.

If you do not understand how drivers work or if your computer is not working properly and updating the drivers did not help, PC Performance Pros can help. PC Performance Pros offers high-grade computer repair services for Hesperia and High Desert clients. Bring your system in, and we will run a professional diagnostic on the system. If your computer needs new drivers, we can install them correctly and help to solve all of your computer related problems.