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A $4,000 Custom Computer Built for One PC Game?

One of the most controversial titles in the history of video gaming continues to make headlines months after its contentious debut and release.

No Man’s Sky, the space exploration game that promised to be an experience like no other, was critically panned for failing to deliver on the copious hype it received prior to launch. […]

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Local Computer Repair Shops Thrive in the U.S.

According to recent news reports from Florida, owners of personal computing devices are not ready to stop visiting their local repair shops.

Efficiency & Sustainability of Local Repair Shops
According to a report published by Florida Today, dependable computer repair shops in the Sunshine State are staying very busy thanks to a series of public service […]

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Optimizing Windows 10 Systems

Software giant Microsoft is capturing a greater share of the operating system market thanks to its generous offer of a free upgrade to Windows 10. Many computer users in Apple Valley, Hesperia and Victorville, have probably taken advantage of this free upgrade offer, but some of them may have already reverted to a previous Windows […]

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Symptoms of Viruses and Malware

Have you ever been working on an important document when suddenly your computer freezes up? Have you ever opened a link only to be bombarded with a million pop-up windows that you cannot close? Or perhaps your High Desert computer keeps showing pop-up alerts. Continue reading “Symptoms of Viruses and Malware” »

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Computer Running Slow?

PC Performance Pros provides a few tips and tricks for Victorville computers that run slow. Nothing is quite as frustrating as a computer that performs every task at a snail’s pace. If your High Desert computer is operating at a glacial pace, these tips and tricks might help it pick up the pace. Continue reading “Computer Running Slow?” »

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