Have you ever been working on an important document when suddenly your computer freezes up? Have you ever opened a link only to be bombarded with a million pop-up windows that you cannot close? Or perhaps your High Desert computer keeps showing pop-up alerts. Have you ever opened your internet browser and discovered that someone changed your homepage? If you have answered yes to any of those situations your computer, might be infected with a computer virus or malware.

But, how do you know for sure? Even the most obvious symptom might be something that is not related to virus or malware. If you have an antivirus program and it is not detecting a virus, you should consider contacting the pros at PC Performance Pros.

Signs and Symptoms of a Computer Virus

Signs that your computer is infected with a virus can range from slightly annoying to full-blown crash and burn. Virus and malware affect computers differently. The primary goal of a virus is to replicate itself and then to pass itself along. The primary goal of malware is to steal information and/or to become destructive. Viruses too can also be damaging.

Symptom: Your Victorville computer starts to run slower and slower. The computer may take a long time to start up or shut down. Sometimes it may sound like it is running and running, but not doing anything.

Symptom: Blue Screen of Death shows up more than once a day. It is not unheard of to encounter the blue screen of death on rare occasion, but if you should encounter it more than once a week, something is wrong. It may be a virus or malware. Malware is known to delete important parts of the operating system, which would lead to the blue screen of death. It could also be a defective piece of hardware, such as a failing hard drive. The best advice is to have your system checked out by PC Performance Pros. Professional diagnostic services are high valuable for Victorville and High Desert patrons.

Symptom: Your web browser redirects your page to something different. If you type in a web address and your computer is directed to another page or site, your computer likely has a virus.

Symptom: You cannot activate your Antivirus program. Virus and malware often disable or destroy antivirus programs. If you cannot activate your antivirus program or if it constantly alerts you to the fact that there is an intrusion, but then tells you the threat cannot be deleted, you likely have a virus.

Symptom: Increased Error Messages. If your High Desert computer displays error messages more than just once in a while, you likely have a virus. It may also be a software corruption issue too.

High Desert computer users can take their machines to PC Performance Pros for professional diagnostic services. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if your computer has a virus or if it has broken hardware or software. That is why we offer expert diagnostics. If you need a new antivirus program installed we, can do that for you too. We make sure that all antivirus programs are installed correctly. For quality computer care, visit our Victorville store today.