As some of the world’s largest companies increasingly secure managed IT services agreements, small business owners in the High Desert region are thinking about implementing this strategy in their companies.

In Asia, for example, wireless service provider Vodafone recently signed a three-year managed IT services agreement with Huawei. In 2015, a managed and cloud services provider based in Tampa landed contracts with companies located as far as the United Kingdom and Tampa.

The Rising Surge in IT Management Benefits

IT industry analysts believe that one in three business organizations will turn to managed IT services by the end of this decade. This is a trend that is bound to continue thanks to a subtle, yet very effective, marketing approach.

Most companies learn about managed IT services in a somewhat indirect manner: by hiring a provider such as PC Performance Pros to handle a one-time project. Let’s say an Apple Valley dental clinic drafts a new disaster recovery plan and contacts PC Performance Pros to set up a remote backup solution. This would be a good opportunity for the clinical director to learn about what our company offers in terms of managed IT services.

Quite a few companies in Victorville and the High Desert find out about managed IT services after they contact us for a single service; they may bring in a desktop for hardware repair, or else we may visit their office to install a network printer or to try to recover lost data from a compromised server. We find that this is a good opportunity to speak to prospective clients who may benefit from managed IT services.

Have Your Local Business Supported at All Times

In essence, a managed services contract is similar to hiring IT experts on a part-time or occasional basis. Depending on the existing IT infrastructure, some level of initial optimization may be required. A law firm, for example, may opt to move some of its operations to the cloud while keeping a private cloud at the office. The idea is to set up a data infrastructure that can be remotely managed. In most cases, switching to managed services in Victorville requires little initial intervention.

Although the economic benefits of managed IT services are undeniable, it is important to note that there is a strategic advantage as well. Companies that retain managed services tend to be more efficient because they can always ask their providers about how they can improve their IT processes.

If you have questions about managed IT services in Victorville, contact PC Performance Pros today.