Just what is the cloud? Why are there security concerns regarding its use — and are these concerns legitimate? The cloud is being used by many households and businesses throughout the globe, but understanding how to use it properly is critical.

What Is Cloud Storage?

Storing data in the cloud isn’t so different from storing data on a remote server. In fact, that’s all cloud storage really is: a large bank of computers that pool their resources, so that they can operate like a single, large, system. All you really need to know about the cloud is that your data is sent to an array of computers, and these computers process and secure your data for you. The advantage of the cloud is simple: a large array of computers is faster and more productive than a single device.

Is Cloud Storage Secure?

As with most technology, cloud storage is only as secure as you make it. Victorville business owners and residents should take care to work with an experienced cloud services provider that offers best-in-class encryption standards and security. Individuals should also pay attention to the devices and computers that they connect their cloud storage account to — if any of these devices or computers is accessed, their data could become vulnerable. Proper password hygiene is additionally important: passwords should never be given out to anyone, and they should always be complex.

Is Data Stored on the Cloud Safe?

Data stored in the cloud is often backed up by the cloud services provider, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep local copies yourself. While data is usually very safe on the cloud, there are always service outages and other issues that could occur — such as getting locked out of the account. Make sure to backup all of your accounts and to properly secure and encrypt the data that you store. An external hard drive is often a good backup solution.