Data for small businesses or personal use is important regardless of what it contains. Every string of data is at risk of being lost or damaged by the simplest of problems. Maybe it is a faulty hard drive or liquid damage to your laptop, whatever the problem, it is a mess. PC Performance Pros offers an adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What does that mean for those who store data? It is a reminder that backing up your data to another storage system reduces the risk of total data loss if someone should spill their latte on your new MacBook Pro. Here is a look at four potential solutions for different data storage options for Victorville small businesses.

Data Storage Options

Flash Memory: Thumb drives, or flash drives offer many benefits to many High Desert computer users. Their primary pros are that they attach to most devices via the USB port, hold a lot of data, and they are small enough to travel with you. The cons are that they can easily be lost, damaged or even stolen.

External Hard Drive: External hard drives are also popular. Many are portable, but they may not hold enough power or storage for growing High Desert small businesses. Because they are portable, they are at risk of being stolen. Like traditional hard drives, external hard drives have moving parts, and that means they too can suffer mechanical breakdowns. The biggest downside to external hard drives is that your data may not be accessible if you are mobile. The plus is that for a single computer or home office an external hard drive may be perfect for your needs. They can be locked in a safe to prevent the data from being accessed while you are gone. They are a solution for a few specific types of computer users.

Online Storage: The Cloud or Cloud Storage is another form of data storage that is popular now. The major benefit is that your data is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Off-site storage also offers better protection from hacking as the server company should have state-of-the-art security. Also, when there is a problem, there are professionals on site who know how to perform repairs. These systems offer affordable solutions to many of Victorville’s small businesses and for personal computer users too.

NAS (Network Attached Storage): A NAS system is an outstanding way to store data that needs to be accessed by a network of computers. These types of storage systems are perfect for businesses with much storage needs, such as small and medium-sized businesses. They are sophisticated to install, but once properly installed the NAS is easy to use. They require either hardwiring or Wi-Fi to connect the network and range in size from a single hard drive to an entire server room.

PC Performance Pros provides comprehensive computer services throughout the High Desert. They work with individuals, small and medium-sized businesses to provide computer upgrades, data storage solutions, and even computer repairs.

If you have suffered a data loss due to a storage issue, contact PC Performance Pros, they have the experience to help you recover your data and also to set up data storage alternatives.