Most computer users in Adelanto did not give too much thought to their Windows desktops and laptops during the holidays, especially if they expected to get shiny new systems under the Christmas tree. If you were not among the lucky ones who were gifted new computers over the holidays, you should not feel as if you will be stuck with an old and slow system in 2018; an Adelanto computer diagnostics service performed by PC Performance Pros can help to determine your options for making your PC function as if it was new.

PC Performance Professionals Diagnoses Issues with Adelanto Computers

When you bring your computer to PC Performance Pros for diagnostics, technicians will determine if the device or its components can be repaired, upgraded or replaced depending on your needs and budget. Most computers running Windows will suffer from performance issues as time goes by, while this is often related to registry and configuration issues, there may be other problems associated with the hardware.

An Adelanto computer diagnostics service involves evaluation of the entire system, not just the Windows installation. PC repair technicians who only focus on the operating system without physically evaluating, testing and benchmarking the hardware components will never get a full picture of other issues that are known to cause poor performance. While it is true that malware, junk files and registry conflicts can slow Windows down considerably, the hard drive, memory, processors, media components, cooling system, and power supply may also affect performance if they have degraded over time.

Troubleshooting Adelanto Computer Performance with Regular Maintenance

If your desktop or laptop does not seem to have any hardware problems determined by the Adelanto computer diagnostics service, and if Windows is cleaned and optimized, you may still feel that your computer is not as fast as it used to be; this tends to happen when most of your PC activities are online. Let’s say you have upgraded to Windows 10 and are using the new Microsoft Edge browser; your computer may not be fast enough to process modern web pages that are rich in scripts, multimedia, and interactive content. In this case, upgrading the memory, hard drive or graphics card will be a good option for the New Year.

Would you like to learn more about Adelanto computer diagnostics? Contact our experienced technicians at PC Performance Pros; the key to getting the most out of your system in 2018 is to evaluate your options.