The Los Angeles Community College District started off the year 2017 forced to make a difficult choice in terms of cyber security. On January 4, a day after students and faculty returned to the Los Angeles Valley College from their holiday break, District officials paid $28,000 to restore their computer systems after a ransomware attack locked them up with encryption.

The Risks of Viruses Against Unprotected Victorville Businesses

According to a news report published by the Los Angeles Times, the decision to make the payment was made after consulting with the IT staff of the college. The attack does not seem to have specifically targeted the college; however, the unknown perpetrators were able to breach the root directories of the network and insert malicious code that encrypted all files.

Although the L.A. County Sheriff was involved in the investigation, cyber security experts commented that there were no measures in place to quickly recover from the ransomware attack, and thus payment had to be made for the purpose of regaining control of email, VoIP and other network systems that are essential for the operation of the community college. The experts believe that the attack may have been carried out in two stages: the initial phase introduced passive malware that gave permission to the ransomware code to encrypt files and directories.

The aforementioned incident should serve as a reminder to Victorville residents that they should increase the security of their computers and mobile devices in 2017. To this effect, PC Performance Pros recommends getting a virus removal service in January.

Securing Your Local Victorville Business Networks

By starting off 2017 with a virus removal, computer owners in Victorville can gain a greater piece of mind. Similar to the ransomware attack on the L.A. Valley College, a desktop or laptop can be infected with a file that goes undetected by antivirus programs because it is coded in a way that only sets permissions for future malware. The virus removal service offered by PC Performance Pros in Victorville is conducted with a professional grade scanning engine that detects even the most insidious malware hidden in secret locations.

In some cases, computer owners in Victorville forget to renew their antivirus programs at the beginning of the year; this often results in a spike in malware infections. For this reason, it is better to perform a virus removal; plus technicians can also check for other issues such as outdated operating systems, corrupted registries and faulty hardware that may impede proper operation of a computer.