Professional Data Backup Services in Victorville | PC Performance & SecurityReliable data backup solutions are essential these days, and the cloud computing paradigm has made them more accessible to both personal and business users. As a seasoned provider of data backup services in Victorville and across the High Desert, PC Performance Pros offers the following recommendations related to copying, archiving and recovery of electronic data.

Many business owners in Victorville operate companies subject to certain compliance requirements. Record retention policies can often be satisfied by means of frequent backups, which may include the affordable option of magnetic tape. A major issue with magnetic tape is that its failure rate upon restoration can be as high as 70 percent, which could be a problem when complying with a court order. In this regard, disk-to-disk technology is a better option.

What Type of Victorville Backup Solution Do You Require?

For average computer users in Victorville, data backup solutions can be as simple as USB and external drives. For business owners, however, the level of service may be specific features and options. For example, some companies may require backup services at the file level while others may need it at the block level. Businesses that run their own physical or virtual servers will require a different level of service.

Security is a very important aspect of any data backup service. Personal users may feel that backups stored on an external hard drive that no one else uses will be reasonably safe. These days, any electronic file that is not encrypted cannot be considered to be safe; for this reason, data backups should only be performed with end-to-end encryption and a guarantee that no back doors can be exploited in the storage unit.

Remote Storage Solutions Away From Victorville Backups

Victorville clients who require a remote data backup solution should inquire about recovery objectives, which may be part of a disaster management plan. Victorville companies that wish to guarantee business continuity can choose a mixed solution of external hard drives, cloud storage and remote backups. Employees can take turns keeping external hard drives with essential files at home while the cloud and remote backup solutions store the bulk of data; in this fashion, business owners have a few recovery options.

If you have questions about data backup services in Victorville or elsewhere in the High Desert, be sure to contact PC Performance Pros.