Here’s something that Microsoft did not have in mind for its latest version of the Windows operating system. Windows 10 has been hailed as one of the most polished and advanced operating systems for modern computing devices, but this praise does not make it completely free of troubles and technical issues.

Windows 10 users who applied the Windows 10 Anniversary Update were eager to experience all the improvements and new features; regrettably, many desktop, laptop and tablet owners have run into a couple of irritating issues.

Users Reported Problems Installing Anniversary Update

The first problem reported by Windows 10 users installing the Anniversary Update involves a frozen state that occurs shortly after entering the user credentials on the login screen. This is a system crash that may occur immediately after gaining access to the desktop or a few minutes later. The problem persists even when activating Safe Mode in an attempt to perform a clean boot.

Microsoft has quietly acknowledged the issue, which for some tablet and desktop users can be fixed by using the Media Creation Tool to create a media instance specifically for the upgrade. As of mid August, the Windows team was busy creating a tool to address the issue.

The Windows Self-Healing Tool is being developed to repair the various issues that some users are running into after installing the Anniversary Update. The tool was initially available at the following address:

According to one Surface tablet owner, the repair process takes longer than 30 minutes, but it does deliver relief from the login crash issue. Microsoft intends to keep working on this tool, which may become part of a future Windows Update or may be available from the Windows Store in the near future.

Additional Issues with Windows Update

Another issue related to the Anniversary Update is related to third-party webcams, which have stopped working altogether. The cameras affected include the USB kind as well IP cams connected through a network. This issue is related to a new service called Windows Camera Frame Server, which is part of the Anniversary Update.

As of mid-August, the only fix for the camera issue was to revert Windows 10 to a prior state before the Anniversary Update was installed. Microsoft is reportedly working on a fix that may be available in September.

If you have problems with your Windows 10 installation or with the Anniversary Update in Apple Valley or elsewhere in the High Desert, contact one of our technicians for assistance.