Commonly data loss is caused by virus, equipment failure, power outages and other occurrences that are outside of our control. What is in our control is the power to back up the data on our computers. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and when it comes to data loss, they could not be more correct.

Your Data: It is important to you.

Imagine spending months planning your wedding only to wake up one morning to find that your entire set of plans is missing. This happens. Imagine spending the last ten years working on your family’s genealogy only to lose all of your hard work because of a hard drive failure.This happens.

Imagine waking up one morning only to discover that all of your family photographs are gone. This happens, and it happens right here in Victorville and across the High Desert communities. It does not matter what you have stored on your computer, those documents are important to you. PC Performance Pros can help you become proactive in caring for your data.

Protecting Data: What can you do?

Do nothing: That is always an option. It may not be the best option, but it is there. Sometimes data can be recovered when there is a hard drive crash. It is a risky chance, and sometimes not all of the data is recoverable.

Install an External Drive: This is a good option, but remember it is still a drive and prone to failure. If hard drivers were fool-proof, your data would be safe on your computer. So while an external drive is a good option, you are only replacing one drive with another. The risk is still there.

Cloud Based Storage: A popular answer to where to store data, but is it really different than storing your data on an external drive. The answer is yes. Separate your by using cloud storage. It is not prone to damage if your power supply fails. This is a viable option, but it can be pricey and you are trusting in someone else’s security control measures.

Backups: Hard drive backups are easy. They can be programmed to initiate each time you power down your computer. The amount of labor on your part is minimal, but the key is to have a system setup correctly.

As you can see, there are plenty of options available to you. The basic household computer is easily modified to accept any of these options. The real question is which option works best for you. Whichever route you choose to go PC Performance Pros is here to help.

We can make sure that your data backup plan is properly installed on your computer. If you are looking for solutions for backups following a data loss, bring your system into our shop. We can help you recover what data is there. It may not be a total loss, and sometimes all of your data is recoverable. Call us today.