Microsoft Office 2016 is highly focused on leveraging cloud platform services and providing for better and easier collaboration. Working in tandem with Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016 has a few major benefits over old iterations of the product.

Insights from Bing

Through Lookup, Insights from Bing can be used to quickly access research while working in Microsoft Office. Users can look up a variety of encyclopedia and web information, complete with media illustrations.

All that a user needs to do to launch Smart Insights is to either right click and select “Smart Lookup” or to simply select the relevant data and press the L key.

New Click-to-Run Format

Instead of an all-in-one installation, Microsoft Office 2016 is streamed and installed when it is first run. Thus, users do not need to install all of the programs they want at once, for the programs will be installed as they are first launched.

Extended Help Functionality

Microsoft offers a contextual help search feature intended to be more helpful than ever before. Users can type search queries into the help bar to quickly find documentation regarding their questions.

Updated Appearance

An updated appearance has been installed in Microsoft Office 2016, in addition to a variety of ways that users can customize their visual experience.

The newly refreshed Office 2016 is designed to be visually similar to Microsoft’s new Windows 10, with an updated, modern appearance and bold color scheme.

Data Loss Protection and IRM

Together, data loss protection and information rights management (IRM) features will work together to protect your data. Data loss protection includes a set of data policies, determining who can access and edit files. Document sharing and content authoring runs through the DLP policies. Information Rights Management will protect sensitive data, both offline and online, from those who are not permitted to view them.

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