What is a Botnet?

PC Performance Pros brings you news about the every changing world of malware. Most of us are familiar with malware, virus, spyware and adware. Now be prepared for bots. Bot is a single computer that has been hacked and begins to work under the hacker’s control. A botnet is a group of computers that are all hacked and controlled by a hacker. That is something new for internet hacking. Hackers can now take control of your Victorville computer and lash it other hacked computers to form a network. A good question is why?

Why make a Botnet?

The short reason is that by taking control of computers, they are making millions of dollars. In fact, according to Market Watch hackers are making $100 million dollar and more. That was what was reported following an Internet law enforcement bust where it was discovered that just one hacker network was able to seize control of as many as 1 million computers.

It was not just control of your computer they were after, the handy thieves used those computers to steal the financial data from said computer’s owners. That resulted in the theft of $100 plus dollars from the bank accounts and credit cards of the owners of those hacked computers.

How are so many computers being hacked?

Now we are faced with Game over Zeus and Cyrptolocker. There are many ways for these kinds of hacks to get into your computer. You do not even need to be involved. A seek and find program takes about 20 minutes when unleashed to find a computer that does not have anti-malware installed.

The program looks for known weaknesses in software and operating systems. With the downgrade of XP to unsupported, Microsoft has left the door open for hackers. If your computer is still using XP then it is at extreme risk. Other known holes exist in software. Your computer no longer has to click a tainted link or download an infected file to become infected.

What can you do to be safe?

High Desert readers can begin by running internet security scans. Make sure your computer’s Internet security is up to date. If you are still running Windows XP, upgrade to a supported operating system. Both Windows 7 or Windows 8 are still supported by Microsoft.

PC Performance Pros is available to help make sure that your Internet security system is properly installed. They are also available to install your choice of supported operating systems. Now that at least one hacking network has been taken down, it is estimated that it will only take approximately two weeks for a new hacking system to take its place.

That is how long it takes for the criminal underworld of hacking to regroup. The problem is not that the crooks have not been caught. They have. The problem is that there is a host of other people who are equally willing to risk prison to steal your data.