According to recent news reports from Florida, owners of personal computing devices are not ready to stop visiting their local repair shops.

For all the hype about new computing devices that owners can easily troubleshoot and configure, the reality of the computer repair industry is that it is not going away anytime soon.

Efficiency & Sustainability of Local Repair Shops

According to a report published by Florida Today, dependable computer repair shops in the Sunshine State are staying very busy thanks to a series of public service announcements encouraging computer owners to repair and upgrade instead of purchasing new equipment. The campaign is trying to raise awareness about the issue of electronic waste, also known as e-waste, which runs counter to sustainability. There is also the added benefit of saving money during a difficult economy by putting off purchases for the time being.

Investigators from the Florida Department of Agriculture have found that many electronics recycling businesses in Florida are not operating very efficiently. The components that they are able to salvage from old computers tend to be minimum, and the rest of the electronics end up in regional landfills.

Even if a desktop computer is so old that its motherboard will not even support Windows 7, Florida officials are asking owners to consider donating to reputable charities that will keep the equipment alive by means of a Linux conversion. In many cases, refurbished desktops, laptops and even tablets can find new lives as classroom equipment in developing countries.

Machines refurbished with Linux and Android operating systems do not have to be donated or recycled. They can be used at home as jukeboxes and media centers, or they can be placed in the kitchen, garage or playrooms.

Salvage Aging Computer Equipment

Before retiring or recycling an old computer in Apple Valley, Victorville or the High Desert, you should bring it to PC Performance Pros to discuss your options. The first order of business is to backup your personal data, which can be transferred to external storage or to the cloud. If the data is very sensitive, the original hard drive may need to be destroyed.

Desktop computers can often be upgraded into modern machines. Some very old systems may need new motherboards, graphics cards, and updated storage; however, the power supply, cooling fans and the case may still be reusable.

If the computer cannot be upgraded or refurbished into a machine with a different purpose, the remaining options include donation and recycling. Remember, do not throw away your old computer without checking with PC Performance Pros first.