One of the most spectacular denials of service attacks in the history of the internet took place in October 2016, and it brought about a new focus on the use of secure passwords.

Thousands of smart devices that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) by means of the machine-to-machine protocol were forced to join a malicious botnet that was used to attack a major provider of DNS services.

The 10/12 attack temporarily blocked access to major web services such as Spotify and Twitter; nonetheless, the DNS provider that came under attack was able to apply mitigation measures and restore access. Tech analysts determined that the attack was made possible because hackers knew the default username and password of several DVRs, webcams, and printers connected to the Internet.

Password Issues With New Devices

If you purchase a smart home device in Victorville, there is a strong chance that you will forget to change the default credentials set by the manufacturer. For example, Netgear routers used to ship with the infamous admin/admin combination. Hackers used these default username/password credentials in the 10/12 attack to create massive amounts of malicious traffic.

Security experts are calling on everyone who owns IoT devices to set their admin credentials to something other than the default username and password. While this measure will very likely help prevent another massive denial of service attack similar to 10/12, there is another major issue to consider in relation to password security.

The average computer user in Victorville and across the United States is being forced to remember a substantial number of passwords. From email to online banking and from office systems to smartphones; the sheer number of passwords in use today cause many people to forget quite a few of them.

How to Recovery Passwords & Data You Forget

Recovery of lost and forgotten passwords is a popular service performed by PC Performance Pros. In the case of Windows 10, computer owners often inquire about how the password recovery process works; it is not easy to explain, but it has to do with scanning certain regions of the operating system, RAM sectors, and the Windows registry.

The password recovery tools used depend on how the device is configured. On a desktop computer, for example, a software tool can be converted into an ISO image and mounted on USB or external drives so that the process can begin. Some tools will attempt to guess passwords and decode the hash algorithms; other tools simply bypass security protocols to force a password to reset instead of recovering an old password.

If you are having problems with forgotten passwords in Victorville, contact a technician at PC Performance Pros at your earliest convenience.