Computers and automobiles have a couple of things in common; both are systems that have become ubiquitous and essential in our daily lives, and they require regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning. We tend to pay more attention to auto maintenance than to PC maintenance because we incorrectly assume that our personal computing devices are infallible.

Troubleshooting PC Issues in Hesperia

The reality of PC systems is that they are just as prone to failure as cars. When your Windows desktop, laptop or tablet starts running sluggishly or constantly displays error messages, a Hesperia computer diagnostics service by PC Performance Pros in Victorville will inform you of the issues and how they can be remedied.

Unlike vehicle maintenance, which calls for maintenance tasks such as oil changes every few thousand miles, computer diagnostics services in Hesperia are not usually scheduled; instead, they should be performed when your PC malfunctions or starts operating erratically. While many issues are related to the presence of malware or a misconfiguration of the operating system, the hardware components are also bound to fail at some point.

When you bring your desktop, laptop or Windows tablet to PC Performance Pros for a Hesperia computer diagnostics service, our technicians will use various tools to determine the problem; these tools run benchmark tests to check the functionality and status of the CPU, graphics processor, sound card, RAM, and hard disk. After evaluating the results of these tests, the technicians may proceed to open the computer and physically check other components such as the power supply, motherboard, soldering, capacitors, cooling fans, heat sinks, switches, and connectors.

Diagnosing & Repairing Troubles with Your Computer

The hardware components that are most likely to fail over time are those that have moving parts or emit heat. In some cases, magnetism or static charges can cause the RAM or hard disk to malfunction or eventually fail to the point that they need to be replaced.

If the Hesperia computer diagnostics service does not indicate hardware problems, the next step is to check the operating system and look for signs of malware or corrupted files that may be interfering with functionality. In these cases, the system can be optimized by means of eliminating malware or other corrupted files. The option of backing up data, formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system may be considered.

In the end, a Hesperia computer diagnostics service will determine if your system should be repaired, upgraded or replaced.