Some of the most common issues that laptop and netbook owners will face over the life of their devices are related to the display. Modern laptops tend to be very durable, but not all of its components are guaranteed to last forever.

Traditionally, CD/DVD units are the first to fail in laptops; this is something that has prompted various manufacturers to stop adding these components to their latest designs. Screens are the second most likely to fail after a while, and there are usually two main causes:

1 – Physical damage to the LCD screen.

2 – Faulty cable connections.

The first cause, physical damage, is easy to diagnose if you can see the screen broken after a fall, if the backlight does not turn on, or if you can only see a section of the display. If you are able to move the mouse pointer to an undamaged section of the screen, you will probably need to replace the LCD component.

The second cause, faulty cable connections, are often related to defective manufacturing or deterioration over the years. The delicate cables that connect the graphics processor to the screen are cramped in very tight spaces within the hinged bezel that operates as a lid. If you open and close your laptop a couple of times each day, you are in fact straining those cables at least 700 times a year. If you notice the screen turning completely dark or white when you tilt the bezel at certain angles, the solution will likely require replacing the cables.

Other Troubleshooting Possibilities

A less common cause of display loss may be related to graphics card failure. You can test your laptop’s graphics processor at home by connecting it to a PC monitor or modern television by means of a VGA or HDMI cable. You may have to activate the laptop’s external display, which is often one of the first function keys on your keyboard.

If your graphics card is intact, you have a couple of options:

1 – Bring your laptop to PC Performance Pros in Victorville. Replacing the LCD screen or the video cabling array are not expensive repairs, and they can extend the life of your laptop for a few more years.

2 – Repurpose your older laptop for desktop use. The technicians at PC Performance Pros can wipe the hard drive and install a nimble operating system such as Linux. As long as your laptop is stationary and connected to an external display, you can use it as a media center or load it with games and educational programs for children.