Ask yourself the following three questions: Is your data being backed up? Is your backup data safe? Is all of your data secured? Data loss can occur at any time and for a variety of reasons, from harddrive failure to software vulnerabilities. If you want to make sure that your personal data and business data is protected, you need to have a comprehensive backup solution.

Data Loss Can Happen Suddenly — And At Any Time

Many people are caught entirely by surprise by data loss. Their hard drive may begin acting erratically and then stop responding altogether. They may look for important documents and realize that they were deleted some time ago. They may even get a virus that locks them out of their system and then corrupts or deletes their files. In any case, by the time data loss has occurred, there’s little that can be done about it. Having a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution in place beforehand is the only way to be protected.

Keeping Your Data “On The Cloud” Isn’t a Complete Solution

Don’t assume that having your data “on the cloud” means that it’s entirely safe or that it doesn’t need to be backed up. Data on the cloud can still be lost or overwritten, and if your cloud service provider goes down you will lose the data stored on them entirely. Data on the cloud still needs to be backed up regularly, often through a separate cloud backup service.

Backups Themselves Need to be Secured

It isn’t enough to just copy your data to another sector of your hard drive. Backups should follow a few major principles:

  • They should be on a separate system and location from your data, in the event of fire or flood.
  • They should be secured with the same level of security as the original data, should they be compromised.
  • They should be kept in multiple copies (daily, weekly, monthly) in the event that data needs to be recovered from the past.

This is why copying your data to an external drive may feel sufficient, but it usually isn’t. After all, if your external hard drive fails, you’ll be left with nothing!

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