Of all the services offered by PC Performance Pros, Hesperia password recovery is one that you can truly avoid by applying a few modern principles of strong password security.

Hesperia password recovery allows you to access your Windows desktop, laptop or tablet when you have either forgotten the password or if you have been locked out by malware. Unfortunately, Hesperia password recovery cannot help you retrieve other passwords such as the one you use to access your online bank account; however, following the recommendations listed herein will keep all your passwords safe.

Creating Strong Passwords

As computing processing power increases, there is a greater need for creating passwords that include not just random letters but also numbers and symbols in a non-sequential manner. In recent years, a few sophisticated cybercrime groups dedicated to data breaches have started using decryption tools to unlock stolen passwords; these groups often use botnets to increase their processing power, but they may abandon cracking efforts when they encounter strong passwords.

A modern password is considered to be strong if it is at least 16 characters long, is non-sequential, uses numbers, includes symbols, and excludes characters that are similar. Longer passwords using this strength criteria will be even harder to crack.

Here is an example of a randomly generated strong password:


Password Diversity

Cracking the encryption for the aforementioned password could take hackers thousands of years with the processing power currently available; however, this security advantage would become watered down if you use the same password for your computer, online banking, email, and cloud storage accounts. If one of your online accounts is compromised; hackers may succeed in accessing your other accounts. You must generate unique, strong passwords for each of your accounts.

Using Password Managers

You may be able to remember the previously generated strong password with a mnemonic method:

two five four, percent star, your elephant drop, star, egg drop, three, will slide down, drop drop, usa usa

To use this method, you will have to break down the password into strings of numbers, letters and symbols separated by commas; keep in mind that your password only uses the first initial of the words remembered. Naturally, you cannot be expected to remember strong passwords for all your accounts, not even mnemonically; for this reason, you should look into using a password manager such as 1Password or LastPass. You only need to create and remember a single strong password that you can write down on paper and keep in safe places; the manager application will take care of the rest.

If you have questions about password safety and Hesperia password recovery, contact our information security specialists at PC Performance Pros.