Hesperia Laptop Trends of 2016 | PC Performance Upgrade & RepairAfter a few years of testing netbooks and tablets, computer users in Hesperia and across the High Desert are once again turning their attention to laptops.

Tech industry analysts have been trying to predict the end of laptops, just like they correctly predicted the end of the tower PC desktops, numerous times this century. In 2012, an article published in the business magazine Fast Company made allusion to the death of the laptop, and this observation was made after it was clear that computer manufacturers were no longer producing netbooks and were paying more attention to tablets.

Fast-forward to mid-2015, when computer industry analysts were lamenting that tablet sales had drastically slowed down after it became clear that the enterprise world  and users in Hesperia are not quite ready to embrace tablets as a replacement for laptop.

Computers of the New Year

In early 2016, the new laptop models being introduced to the market indicate that they are far from dead. If anything, laptops are more popular than ever thanks to their diverse configurations available in Hesperia. Truly hybrid tablet-laptop combinations are shaking up the market, and ultra-thin notebooks are the latest trend.

With new chips such as those offered by the Intel Skylake family, super skinny laptops now offer operational levels that are better than the average Hesperia PC performance. Something new to watch in portable computing is that manufacturers are adding the latest connection ports, which in recent years meant Firewire and HDMI ports; in 2016, this means the new USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 support.

The advent of tablets has also given way to a new preference in terms of display. It turns out that many users enjoy the vertical display of tablets; there seems to be something that is more attractive about scrolling up and down than hunting for more screen display to the right. The new ideal ratio for Hesperia users is no longer the cinematic 16:9 standard; it is closer to the 3:2 ratio used by Microsoft for its advanced Surface notebooks.

Laptop repair is a trend that is certainly not going away in 2016. Warranty periods are being slashed; only the higher-priced, high-performance notebooks of Hesperia enjoy the lengthy and comprehensive warranty policies of yore. The more affordable laptops come with warranties that only last a few months. If your laptop is in need of service, we will be here for you in 2016.