If you have been thinking about replacing the hard drive of your Apple Valley computer, you might want to set a New Year’s resolution to talk to our technicians about it. Thanks to advancements in data storage technology, you can now upgrade to hard drives with enough space to store the digital contents of more than 10,000 Blu-Ray DVDs.

Finding the Right Apple Valley Harddrive For You

According to a recent press release by Western Digital, a renowned manufacturer of digital storage technologies, the next Ultrastar hard drive will feature enough capacity to hold 14 terabytes of data. Western Digital already produces an Ultrastar version that holds 12 TB of data; competing for tech firm Seagate also offers a 12 TB drive.

If you purchase an off-the-shelf desktop computer in Apple Valley or elsewhere in the High Desert, the chances are that you will find many options equipped with one-terabyte hard drives. Should you choose to replace your hard drive with the 14 TB Ultrastar when it becomes available next year, you would be able to store about 400 movies recorded in 4K video quality. Now that Netflix will let you store some of its original series for offline viewing, you could store a couple of seasons of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black in one of these new hard drives.

Symptoms of Harddrive Failure

There are a few signs and symptoms that indicate you are due for a hard drive replacement in Apple Valley. If you are using Windows, the first sign is the dreaded Blue Screen of Death happening even if you are in Safe Mode. The presence of corrupted files is an even more discernible sign that your hard drive is on its final spins; you will know that you have reached this stage if you notice that some files refuse to open or some programs stop working altogether.

An even better assessment of an aging hard drive that needs to be changed can be obtained with the disk scanning tool, which can be accessed from the Start – Computer menu in Windows computers. Within this section, right-clicking the hard drive icon followed by Properties brings up a set of tabs than include Error Checking. If this tool returns a high number of bad sectors, hard drive failure could be imminent.

Before bringing your computer to PC Performance Pros for hard drive replacement in Apple Valley, inquire about our data backup and restore procedures.