There comes a moment in the life of a computing device that requires owners to seriously evaluate future use. When that time arrives, three choices usually come to mind:

  1. Continue using the device as is
  2. Upgrade
  3. Replace

If you are evaluating the future of your desktop or portable computer in Victorville, you should not feel as if you have to choose only one of the three options listed above. The most sensible solution involves choosing a mix of upgrades and replacements; for example, you may opt for a hard drive replacement as well as an upgrade of other components.

Complete system replacements don’t always make sense. Crucial, a major distributor of RAM components, recently conducted a survey among IT specialists in Southern California to get their views on the issue of upgrading versus replacing systems. The results of the survey revealed a 50/50 split of opinion; however, most specialists agreed that cost-effective solutions should always be considered first.

Harddrive Solutions for Local Victorville Business

Whether you use computers for personal or business use in Victorville, you should strongly consider a hard drive replacement along with an upgrade before buying a new desktop or laptop. Replacing a hard drive and upgrading RAM will make any system operate as if it was brand new, and this is not the extent of improvement.

Traditional hard drives are no longer favored in the personal computing world. One of the most common upgrades these days consists of replacing hard drives with a solid state version. A low-capacity solid state drive (SSD) is less likely to break down due to the lack of mechanical parts, and its read/write speed advantage is more conducive to modern applications.

You can get a good idea of SSD performance by testing a Microsoft Surface tablet or notebook powered by Windows 10. Surface devices are equipped with SSD units and the way they handle Windows 10 has a lot to do with the read/write speed and performance of the SSD.

An ideal computer upgrade in Victorville will consist of a hard drive replacement along with a RAM upgrade plus the installation of a new SSD. This improvement should apply to most systems, to find out if your computer is a candidate for this upgrade, contact PC Performance Pros in Victorville.