Custom-built computers offer many advantages that average Apple Valley PC users are not familiar with. First of all, off-the-shelf systems do not always offer buyers the features that they are looking for. With store-bought computers, buyers are largely limited to the parts selected by the manufacturer.

Know What is Inside Your Own Computer

Major computer manufacturers do not always stick to the same suppliers; this means that two identical models sitting on store shelves may have different parts. This can be a problem in terms of quality, particularly when Apple Valley computer buyers are looking for high-end systems that they intend to use for gaming, music recording or high-end graphic design. Moreover, computer buyers looking for powerful desktops are bound to pay considerably more at the store.

Custom-built computers will always be the best solution for buyers who are into gaming, video production, and music recording. Although most custom computers tend to desktops, the advent of pocket-sized computers such as the Raspberry Pi gives buyers in Apple Valley a wider range of options for special projects and custom builds.

Computers Tailor Made for User Needs

At PC Performance Pros, we like to take time with customers who are new to the custom-built computer experience. We start by evaluating the computing needs of our customers and what they may have in mind. Although high-performance PC gaming is one of the most common reasons our customers request custom rigs, we are seeing requests for a greater diversity of projects. Some Apple Valley customers look for media centers, home servers, and also computers that can be turned into a private cloud with home automation features.

With custom-built computers, the parts that are initially discussed include the CPU, the motherboard, the storage units, the graphical processing unit, the memory requirements, and the case.

To get an idea of the custom-built process, let’s consider an entry-level gaming machine. This Apple Valley project will likely feature at least a double-core CPU installed on a motherboard with enough memory slots to handle the most demanding PC games these days. Recommended storage may include a high-performance hard drive coupled with an external storage device for data backups. Finally, the case may include plenty of room to install cooling units as well as future upgrades.