What is more important in your life: your car or your computer? You should not be surprised to learn that many people in California consider their personal computing devices to be just as important as their cars; however, the latter tend to get far more attention in terms of maintenance than the former.

While automakers constantly remind drivers about the importance of regular maintenance, the same cannot be said about computer manufacturers. Most computer owners in Apple Valley do not think about PC maintenance until they run into an issue with their systems or until their devices are running very slow. While advanced operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10 offer automated maintenance features, it does not take care of everything.

When you bring your system to PC Performance Pros, our technicians will conduct a series of benchmark tests and will deploy diagnostic tools to determine the type of Apple Valley PC maintenance your device needs to perform optimally. Here are some of the essential steps of the process:

Updating the Operating System

Microsoft has been very diligent in terms of providing timely and crucial Windows 10 updates, but the company has also run into some issues that create problems for some hardware and software configurations. Our technicians will make sure that the operating system is not only up-to-date but also that all patches have been successfully installed.

Scanning for Malware Threats

As efficient as antivirus software has become, hackers are getting better at developing malware that goes undetected. If your system started running very sluggishly after a certain date, your computer might have been infected with a cryptocurrency miner using up a large percentage of resources, thus placing a load on the CPU.

Checking for Hardware Issues

An important aspect of Apple Valley PC maintenance involves opening up the case or the laptop and checking for dust accumulation. Many computer users in the High Desert are not aware of how the great risk of overheating that is created by allowing dust to build up around the cooling fans and hard drives. When computers run at very high temperatures, performance is significantly degraded. Other hardware components that are checked as part of regular maintenance include RAM, hard drives and multimedia cards.

Hard Drive Cleanup

Spinning hard drives will often become cluttered with non-essential files, archives and registry changes that compromise the optimal performance of the system. The disk cleanup performed as part of your Apple Valley PC maintenance service is more comprehensive than the utility that comes with Windows 10.