October is here, and for business owners who have installed Windows 10 Pro, Education and Enterprise editions in their companies, this means that this is when Microsoft pushes out the second major operating system update of the year.

Keeping Your Operating System Updated

The current update delivery method set in place by Microsoft calls for October 17 as the date when the company’s massive data centers will begin looking for workstations, laptops, tablets, and office servers where Windows 10 Pro, Education or Enterprise editions have been installed for at least 30 days. If your company has been running the aforementioned Windows 10 versions since at least September 17, Microsoft will attempt to push and install the Fall Creators Update in your machines.

You generally want to accept and install any updates Microsoft sends your way since they the bulk of the improvements are related to security; however, there is a specific situation when you will want to postpone the upgrade. If your office computers barely meet the minimum system requirements to run Windows 10, you may want to delay the upgrade until you test a few new machines.

To postpone the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for a few months, follow the instructions below, which do not apply to Windows 10 Home users because they do not have the option to delay:

  • From the Settings menu, look for Update & Security and click or tap on Advanced Options
  • Be sure to choose the Current Branch option

Once you have completed the above process for all the machines in your office, you will not see updates until the next one, which should happen in the next four months. Microsoft will not remind you of this date; it is up to you to set an Outlook reminder or at least note it on a calendar.

Keeping Your PC Running Smoothly

The bare minimum requirements for Windows 10 call for 1GHz processors and at least 1GB of RAM for 32-bit systems; if your hardware is 64-bit, the requirements will double. Depending on your configuration, Windows 10 may balloon to a 20GB installation on your hard drive after the Fall Creators Update.

Running Windows 10 on the minimum system requirements is not recommended. If you are thinking about upgrading your office network, contact PC Performance Pros in Victorville; our Windows technicians will be able to help you delay the Fall Creators Update and help you choose the hardware that is right for your business needs.