Coffee, tea, beer, wine, sodas, fruit juices, and water are the most liquids that tend to be associated with accidental spills on laptops. The problem with laptops is that their portability elicits highly personal usage patterns that often result in proximity to the aforementioned fluids. With desktop computers, spills are mostly limited to keyboards that are peripheral to the case where the CPU, hard drive, and other components are housed; this is not the situation with laptops, whereby liquid spilled over the keyboard may quickly soak the crucial and delicate components installed underneath.

Spilled liquids over laptops happen all the time; they can be destructive in many cases, but they can also be handled in ways to minimize the damage.

Before you bring your wet laptop to PC Performance Pros in Victorville, here are some things you may be able to do:

Keep Your Important Data in the Cloud

Losing an expensive piece of hardware is not as bad as the prospect of not being able to access personal and business data stored in a ruined hard drive. Since spills are simply waiting to happen near laptops, the best protective measure is to make sure your most vital data is backed somewhere, preferably in secure cloud storage. If you need help with selecting a remote backup service, PC Performance Pros can help you.

Act Very Quickly

Even if your data is safely backed up, you certainly don’t want to lose a piece of expensive hardware without at least trying to salvage it. The moment your spill a cup of latte on your laptop, your first move should be to unplug it and turn it off by pressing down continuously on the power button.

Remove the Battery

Whenever possible, you should place the battery in a dry and warm place that gets sunlight. In the winter months, you can set it close, but not too close to a heat vent, or you may stick it in a bag of rice that can absorb the moisture. Think about all other components you can remove such as external hard drives and USB keys.

Set the Laptop to Dry

With your laptop in a fully open position, use a towel to wipe down the spilled liquid before finding a spot where it can be set to dry. If the case is easy to open by means of removing a few screws, you may do so but do not go any further than that. Once you can see that the laptop is dry, install the battery and turn it on; if it is unable to boot the operating system, contact our technicians.