One of the most prominent manufacturers of computer hard drives is facing a major lawsuit that could result in major financial hardship for the company. Seagate, an American firm that is known as a giant in the computer storage field, is currently the respondent in a massive class-action lawsuit related to Barracuda 3 TB internal and its Backup Plus 3TB external hard drives. Thus far, no one from Apple Valley or the High Desert have signed up as plaintiffs, which is in its early stage.

Details about the lawsuit indicate that an individual computer owner in South Dakota purchased both Barracuda internal and external hard drives, which both failed while under warranty. Seagate complied with the warranty and replaced both units, but the replacements happen to fail as well.

What is interesting about this lawsuit is that it includes a reliability report produced by a cloud storage firm named Backblaze. Cloud storage firms use arrays of Internet-connected hard drives to serve their customers; it so happens that Backblaze tested Seagate Barracuda drives in an environment that exceeded their intended performance. Backblaze found structural flaws in the Seagate drives that caused too much vibration, a factor that is known to precipitate failure.

The problem Seagate is facing at this moment is centered on the replacement units that also failed; a court interprets this incident as something that the company was already aware of and neglected to remedy with a recall.

Be Prepared For Possible Problems

Hard drive failure is more common than most Victorville consumers think. In some cases, a hard drive can be repaired, but in most other situations they should be replaced. Depending on the type of failure, data recovery may be an option.

Replacing a hard drive is often seen as a sensible alternative to buying a new computer in Hesperia. In general, the moving parts of computer systems are prone to eventual failure, but they can be replaced. At PC Performance Pros in Victorville, we usually take a good look at all components when clients bring their systems in. Whenever we deal with a hardware service such as a failed hard drive, we also look into the possibility of increasing RAM at that time; we do this to extend the life of the computer, which can save our clients both time and money.