Data recovery is a service that most computer technicians would rather not perform. Although PC Performance Pros in Victorville has the tools, technology, and know-how to recover data from computers that have become compromised for various reasons, data cannot always be successfully recovered.

Prior to the arrival of ransomware cyber attacks, the most common situations that caused data loss were related to damaged or failed hard drives. In some cases, the operating system may become compromised to the point of a computer becoming inoperable or inaccessible; in these situations, the hard drive may not be damaged, and thus the data stored therein is not so difficult to recover.

Keeping Your Data Safe from Accidents

Other situations that may require data recovery services include hard drive failure, accidental deletion, and physical damage. These are cases that will require special intervention to restore lost data, and the likelihood of a successful recovery can be determined after an initial evaluation and diagnosis.

Encryption ransomware attacks are taking place in Apple Valley and across the High Desert on an almost daily basis. This new breed of cyber attacks can be very destructive because they often result in data loss. In many of these attacks, the extent of data loss is so severe that data cannot be recovered without the malicious encryption key used by the ransomware.

Hard drives are not the only devices vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Tablets, smartphones, and other devices that depend on flash storage can also fall victim to these malware variants. The data recovery tools used on these devices are similar to the ones used on PC and laptop hard drives.

Maximizing Your Chance of Data Recovery

Data recovery tends to be more successful when the device is serviced as soon as possible; however, the best data loss prevention policy is to always have access to a reliable data backup. When computers or mobile devices are used for work or for business purposes, data backups are even more crucial.

The determination of data storage needs and the formulation of proper data backup strategies are services that are not as complex, and they are less involved than data recovery. Restoring data from backups and resetting systems back to optimal states will always be preferred to the data recovery process.

The time to backup data and protect your devices is always now. Waiting until data is lost or until a system becomes compromised is never a good idea.