The personal computing market in Victorville is a bit like the real estate economy in the sense that they are both cyclical. For example, there was a time when desktop PCs were housed in sturdy cases that could be used as shelves for monitors; this form factor would later be replaced with large towers with plenty of room for upgrades, but that only lasted for a few years.

A Computer Personalized to Your Individual Requirements

Seasoned technicians at PC Performance Pros in Victorville have certainly seen their share of personal computing trends over the years. From the classic Apple Macintosh era to the laptop revolution and from the tower PCs to netbooks and tablets, hardware trends come and go; most of them never return, with just one exception: the custom PC.

A couple of decades ago, custom desktop systems were all the rage in Victorville and other parts of the High Desert. Generally speaking, Southern California has always been a good custom PC market because of the local culture. From hot rods and low-riders to skateboards and even sneakers, customization is part of life in the Golden State, and this is something that extends to computers.

Victorville Computers in the Past – Going Big

There was a time when major computer manufacturers and retailers offered Victorville shoppers some degree of customization, but that was mostly limited to putting together desktops with components from select vendors. This could hardly be led a true custom computer build, and this PC shopping trend eventually gave way to off-the-shelf systems.

The tower desktop era of the early 21st century was almost a Golden Age for the custom PC market; there were various reasons for this trend: first of all, the PC gaming experience was developing very rapidly, and size did not matter too much at the time because Victorville computer users did not mind going big.

Advancements in Customized PCs in Victorville

When hardware manufacturers sharply reduced prices around 2007, an avalanche of cheap Victorville desktops and portables displaced custom PCs. In the last couple of years, however, interest in custom computers has increased considerably due to new technologies such as virtual reality, biometrics, multimedia streaming, advanced gaming, and others.

Today’s custom PC may not always be a tower or a gaming machine. Many Victorville clients are interested in very small computers that they can discreetly hide in their kitchens, living rooms and home offices. Others want to turn their high-end tablets into desktops. Basically, we are entering a new era of custom-built computers, and PC Performance Pros is ready to take orders.