One of the most anticipated video games of the decade was finally released as a console and PC title, and it may require a custom-built gaming rig for maximum enjoyment.

No Man’s Sky is the culmination of a Herculean effort of video game development; a lot of hype emerged prior to its release, and many gamers were disappointed to learn that the game is less ambitious than they thought. Still, No Man’s Sky is an impressive title that demands considerable resources for optimal gameplay.

The Height of PC Gaming

Thus far, No Man’s Sky has been released for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Interestingly, there seems to be more interest to play this space exploration and travel game on a desktop computer than on the PS4. To a certain extent, No Man’s Sky (NMS) is similar to games such as Star Citizen, Eve Online, and Elite: Dangerous; however, this is a state-of-the-art procedural title generated by complex algorithms, server rules, and online player interaction.

Early reviews of NMS by gaming analysts who have tested the PC version indicate that it requires quite a bit of system resources. The minimum requirements include:

  • Windows 7
  • Intel Core i3 processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 10 GB of storage
  • nVidia GTX 480 graphics processor

The above specs are already being questioned by PC gaming enthusiasts. For example, a reviewer who ran NMS on a desktop powered by an Intel Core i7 equipped with a nVidia GTX 1080 GPU reported stuttering and freezing while the graphics settings were set to high performance.

The same reviewer could not multitask while NMS was running, which means that switching to check on a Windows 10 notification would make the game crash. The game developer has been paying close attention to all the reported issues, and system patches are forthcoming.

Preparing Your High-End Gaming Computer

Many PC gamers in Apple Valley and the High Desert region are more interested in playing the PC version of NMS, particularly now that the game is in its early stages of accommodating new players who will shape the game universe. Most off-the-shelf desktop systems, however, will not be able to handle NMS.

It is very likely that NMS will mark the return of high-end PC gaming, but this time, there will be a stronger focus on custom-built computers. Game developers are already getting creative with virtual reality, which is also better when it runs on powerful, custom gaming rigs. For this reason, NMS is a welcome title.