If you are thinking about getting a new desktop or laptop computer in the near future, there is a chance that you will pay $18 if you buy it in California.

As the historical and spiritual home of the personal computer industry, what happens in the Golden State tends to affect desktop and laptop users across the country.

California Energy Commission Rulings

California has been experiencing challenges related to energy production and consumption over the last few decades; as a result, the state’s Energy Commission has been thinking about various energy conservation measures. The latest plan involves imposing a new energy efficiency standard for new computers; if the new measure is implemented, desktops, laptops, and monitors sold in California must be equipped with energy efficient components that are more expensive for manufacturers to implement.

The U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) estimates that computers consume about $10 billion worth of electricity per year. The biggest culprits are desktops with large monitors that are left on several hours a day, a common practice at many businesses and workplaces in California.

Although the Energy Commission’s proposed measure will result in more expensive computers, California households are expected to save more than $75 on their electricity bills over five years.

In terms of energy consumption, the energy consumed by desktop computers is 45 times higher than laptops, which are configured with energy efficiency in mind since they are expected to run on batteries for long periods.

Upgrading to Tablets & Hybrid Notebooks

It is interesting to note that the California Energy Commission has not mentioned tablets on their proposal. Computer users who have switched to tablets equipped with solid state drives (SSD) that feature NAND flash memory technology consume about a third of energy compared to the hard drives that typically found in desktops and laptops.

Tablets and the new hybrid notebooks that lack a hard drive do not generate as much heat as their desktop and portable counterparts, and they are often faster in terms of writing data and storing it. In the end, California will probably save more electricity as average computer users switch to tablets, but there will still be a need for powerful desktop machines equipped with hard drives.

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