PC Performance Pros, the High Desert PC Tune-up headquarters in Victorville does complete system tune-up with virus removal. The benefits for a PC tune-up are numerous, and it is a basic repair that everyone who connects their computer to the internet needs to considering having done.

All for $99

Services Include

Victorville Virus Removal

  • Removal of all Viruses and Malware
  • Removal all Junk Software and Toolbars
  • Update or Replace Current Anti-Virus Software
  • Optimize System Start-Up
  • Clean and Optimize all Internet Browsers
  • Removal of Junk and Temporary Files
  • Installation of Important Windows updates
  • Installation of necessary Driver Updates
  • Upgrade RAM if Necessary
  • Physical Cleaning of System

PC will run as quick and efficient as it is capable of running… Guaranteed!”

Removing Viral infections

A virus can cause many problems with your PC. It can delete certain files that are necessary for your PC to function. It can copy and spread itself to all of your contacts, other computers in the home or on your network. If your computer has a virus, it needs to be repaired.

External and Internal Cleaning

PC’s have vents, fans, and other openings that attract dust and other airborne particles. It does not take too much time for the inside of your computer to accumulate a lot of debris. If the small vents become clogged, it can cause the fans to stop working, and/or the PC to overheat. A yearly cleaning can extend the life of your computer.

Hardware Diagnostic Check

Keeping everything inside of your computer tuned up helps your computer work the way in which it was designed to work. This is also a good time to add memory, or upgrade hardware.

Tune Up with Virus RemovalDisk Cleanup and Hard Drive Maintenance

If your computer is running slower it may need to have the hard drive cleaned, or the storage disk cleaned and defragmented. This is also a good time to remove programs that are not necessary and can slow your computer down. This allows your computer to retrieve and store data quickly.

Update Installation

Sometimes your computer needs to have updates to critical systems installed. Many times those installations are automatic, but they may not install correctly. A review and re-installation of those critical updates can help your computer run the way it was designed to operate.

An overall tune up of your computer can help it to run more efficiently, saving money on energy needs. A tune up can also help maintain the life of your computer. Before buying a new computer, consider tuning up your old computer, or looking into upgrade options.

All of these services and more are available at PC Performance Pros. The complete PC tune-up is just one of the many computer services that are offered by PC Performance Pros. Other services include Computer Upgrades, Computer Repair, and installation of software. If you would like more information about theses services, then please contact PC Performance Pros today.