Hesperia Laptop LCD ReplacementPC Performance Pros if the one-stop-shop for computer services, including laptop LCD replacement, in the High Desert and throughout the community of Victorville. Other services include computer upgrades, computer repair services, hardware installation, and software installation. PC Performance Pros offers a guarantee on all services, parts, and custom built computers. They also offer professional diagnostic service.

Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

While most laptops and other devices are durable, the LCD or LED screens can become damaged quite easily. LCD and LED screens are fragile and can break with the slightest drop, especially on laptops. Hinges can also become disengaged from the lid cover and bottom bezel of the laptop. Regardless of the reason, or how it happened, PC Performance Pros can evaluate the damage, provide you with a comprehensive estimate, and then perform the repair under their guaranteed services.

Key Indications The Screen On Your Laptop Needs Replacing

  • Scratches or punctures
  • Malfunctioning pixels
  • Image Ghosts or lines that are visible when the power is off.
  • Stains, liquid damages, etc.
  • Faulty hinges, or split seams.

The PC Performance Pros Process

  • Step 1: Evaluate the machine. Sometimes new technology can fix problems with LCD screens.
  • Step 2: Provide a clear and concise list of options along with the costs associated with repair.
  • Step 3: Happily answer all of your questions.
  • Step 4: Perform the LCD replacement as needed.
If you have a computer problem, then PC Performance Pros is happy to help you. Take advantage of the expert diagnostic service and the comprehensive pricing policy. It is often a lot less expensive to replace the LCD screen than it is to replace the entire laptop. You can even have the machine upgraded with a new version of Windows or additional RAM at the same time. Start the process today and contact PC Performance Pros about all of your computer repair needs.