Victorville Laptop DC Jack RepairPC Performance Pros is a comprehensive computer services shop that provides reliable and guaranteed services to the High Desert and the community of Apple Valley. Services includes computer upgrades, computer repair installation of both hardware and software and Laptop DC Jack repair or replacement. For all things computer related, PC Performance Pros is your one-stop-shop.

Repair or Replace Rather than Buying a New Laptop

If the DC jack on your laptop is broken, it much less expensive to replace that part than it is to replace the whole machine. It is also the perfect time to upgrade the device. Common upgrades include adding more memory, and sometimes even updating to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Remember that the DC jack is an electrical component. It should work as it was designed to work. If the input device is not secured in the jack, it is dangerous. The problem may not be the DC Jack. Sometimes it is the holding mechanism that is broken. Laptops are full of tiny screws. Those can come lose, or if the unit is soldered into place, the soldering may have come lose. Either way, the repair is usually quick.

A professional diagnostic is designed to provide you with all of the potential solutions for your computer problem. Sometimes the problem is not your laptop at all but the AC Adapter. There are many reasons why a laptop may not be charging. The services that PC Performance Pros provides are top-notch, and guaranteed. If your computer or laptop is not working properly, bring it by and let the professionals at PC Performance Pros give you an estimate on repairs or upgrades.