Hesperia Hardware InstallationsPC Performance Pros is your complete Computer Services store that serves all of the High Desert and the great community of Hesperia. Don’t let a substandard machine hold you back. Computer upgrades are affordable. PC Performance Pros offers a guaranteed service and professional diagnostic services. They believe in keeping the customer fully informed, and they provide the customer with all available options, and prices.

Hardware installation and upgrades can solve many computer problems usually for a fraction of the price of buying a new machine. If your computer is running slow, or if you are running out of storage then consider one of the many computer upgrades offered at PC Performance Pros.

Computer Upgrades

Many times a computer may start to run slow, or crash because just one component is either faulty or has become outdated. Upgrading the GPU or graphics card can make an old machine run like a brand new one. Upgrading RAM is an easy way to add more memory and can often increase the computer’s performance speed.

If your computer is making noise that it should not be making, then it may be time to repair or replace a drive. If your computer only has a CD ROM player and you need both a CD ROM and a DVD drive, then a simple upgrade can fix that. Other hardware installation includes new hard drives, adding a webcam for Skype, upgrading sound cards, graphics cards, etc. Standard computer repairs include replacing broken fans, cleaning the inside of the unit, and running diagnostics.

A Full Service Shop

PC Performance Pros is a full service shop. They offer a guarantee on all services, parts, and custom built machines. They also offer an expert diagnostic service so that the customer is always informed. Computer repair services are usually cheaper than buying a new computer. It is also often less expensive to upgrade a system rather than to buy a new system. One of the key services that are offered by PC Performance Pros is custom built computer systems. If you need a computer that is capable of handling specialized services, then a custom built system may be just what you need.

PC Performance Pros provides a full service shop to the entire High Desert region and to the community of Hesperia. Stop by today and check out the professional diagnostic service.