Hesperia Data RecoveryPC Performance Pros offers computer services, including Data Recovery, for the High Desert and the community of Apple Valley. A great tip for those people who do not need Data Recovery services is to start Data Back-Up protocols now. If your computer has experienced a hard drive failure that has resulted in loss of data, PC Performance can help. The following explains our data recovery program. Keep in mind that sometimes data is not recoverable.


PC Performance Pros offers an expert diagnostic service as part of our service policy to our High Desert customers. During this process, they can determine whether or not the hard drive has actually failed. In some cases, the hard drive is not the problem.

Test the Hard Drive

If the Hard Drive has failed, they figure out if the data on the hard drive can be recovered. As mentioned earlier, sometimes the data is not recoverable.

Explain, Pricing, and Options

These tests determine how they can help you. It is always the policy of PC Performance Pros to keep the customer informed. As such, they will explain to you in detail in an easy to understand way:

  • What has occurred.
  • What your options are,
  • And how much each service costs.
They want you to be informed. They want you to make the best decision for you about fixing or replacing your computer. The goal is to build a life-long friendship.

Data Recovery

If the data is recoverable, and you opt to have the data recovered then they proceed with the data recovery process. Once the data is recovered, they will sort it for you and return to you what data is salvageable. This will help you rebuilt missing data faster. The data that is not salvageable is then further destroyed upon your approval.

Other Devices that may Fail

Hard drives are not the only data storage device to fail. They can also work with thumb drives, disks, and other data storage units. PC Performance Pros is a complete computer services headquarters.

Other services include Computer Upgrades, Computer repair, hardware installation, and software installation. They offer the best service for a reasonable price to the entire High Desert and the community of Apple Valley. If you have questions about data recovery or how to implement a data back-up regime, just contact PC Performance Pros.