Hesperia Custom Gaming ComputersPC Performance Pros offers quality computer services to the High Desert and the community of Victorville. The professionals and highly skilled crew at PC performance Pros offer custom gaming computers that are built to order.

Gaming Systems

Gaming systems have specific needs, and yet they should be versatile enough to keep up with the technology requirements of new games. That is why ordering custom built gaming computers have an advantage over packed gaming systems.

Area on which to Focus

CPU is a hot word in gaming computers. AMD and Intel offer some of the best CPU chips available. Chip choice is critical. Buy the best CPU you can afford to buy.  CPU choice may also impact further upgrades and software that you are capable of running down the road. PC Performance Pros can help you select the chip that will work best for your gaming needs.

GPU – Graphics Cards

The GPU is one area where you need to pay special attention. The best cards do not always out perform the medium rated cards and when they do the margin of improvement is so small that you’d be hard pressed to notice the change. The bottom line is that you can easily spend $500 on a GPU that you don’t really need. There are plenty of mid-ranged GPU’s from which to choose. If you are serious about gaming, PC Performance Pros is more than happy to help you pick out a GPU thats right for your budget.

RAM – The Hurry Up and Wait Syndrome

Without enough RAM, the rest of the picture does not really matter. The slow paused screen takes all the fun out of online gaming. The good news is that RAM is fairly cheap to add to your system. The more RAM you can afford the better off your gaming experience will be.

PC Performance Pros offers a guarantee on all new system, repair and upgrades. As the High Desert and Victorville’s one stop shop for computer services, computer upgrades, and computer repair services including Hardware and Software installation, PC Performance has exactly what you need. Our service is fast, reliable, and we offer an expert diagnostic service, too.