Hardware Services

PC Performance Pros is your complete Computer Services store that serves all of the High Desert and the great community of Hesperia. Don’t let a substandard machine hold you back. Computer upgrades are affordable. PC Performance Pros offers a guaranteed service and professional diagnostic services. They believe in keeping the customer fully informed, and they provide the customer with all available options, and prices.

Hardware installation and upgrades can solve many computer problems usually for a fraction of the price of buying a new machine. If your computer is running slow, or if you are running out of storage then consider one of the many computer upgrades offered at PC Performance Pros.

What XP's Death Will Mean for Victorville CustomersPC Performance Pros is the High Desert Computer Repair Service Center that serves Victorville and the surrounding communities. One of the computer services that are offered by PC Performance Pros is an Expert Computer Diagnostic.

The value of a computer diagnostic service is that it allows the customer to understand exactly what is wrong with their computer. This allows the customer to have access to all of the options that are available, along with the prices of the computer repair, parts, etc. With that information available, the customer can then decide if they want the computer repaired, upgraded, or replaced.

Hesperia Custom Computer BuildsPC Performance Pros provides custom computer building services to the business community of the High Desert area and Hesperia. One of the many services that we provide is the evaluation and building of custom computers.

PC Performance Pros takes the time to understand what each customer needs, then prepares an estimate that is detailed and outlines the price of each component. PC Performance Pros makes it a point to keep each customer informed about parts and process so that the customer has the knowledge needed to make the best decision possible.

Hesperia Laptop LCD ReplacementPC Performance Pros if the one-stop-shop for computer services, including laptop LCD replacement, in the High Desert and throughout the community of Victorville. Other services include computer upgrades, computer repair services, hardware installation, and software installation. PC Performance Pros offers a guarantee on all services, parts, and custom built computers. They also offer a professional diagnostic service.

While most laptops and other devices are durable, the LCD screens can become damaged quite easily. Usually, the hinges begin to crack, or the soft part of the screen becomes torn. Regardless of the reason, or how it happened, PC Performance Pros can evaluate the damage, provide you with a comprehensive estimate, and then perform the repair under their guaranteed services.

Victorville Hard Drive ReplacementPC Performance Pros is your High Desert Computer Services and Computer Repair headquarters. PC Performance Pros provides Hard Drive and SSD repair and replacement services as well as hardware and software computer upgrades to businesses and residents of Apple Valley.

Hard Drive computer upgrades are an affordable alternative to replacing the entire computer system. Removal and installation of the proper Hard Drive is easy and can boost speed or increase size depending on what is needed. It is a good idea to increase the RAM at the same time.

Hesperia Laptop AC Adapter ReplacementPC Performance Pros has exactly what you need when your Laptop AC Adapter needs replacement. AC Adapter failure is not an uncommon occurrence. If that happens to your laptop, call PC Performance Pros and they will tell you immediately if they have the correct AC Adapter in stock. Call them today to find out if they have the right adapter in stock.

The AC Adapter is the link between an electrical source and your laptop, notebook, and other devices. It is critically important that you always use the correct AC Adapter. The wrong adapter can cause significant damage and potentially even start a fire. Without an AC Adapter, your laptop or notebook will not charge. If you are in the High Desert or the community of Hesperia, PC Performance Pros is your first stop for all things computers, including laptop AC Adapter replacement.

Victorville Laptop DC Jack RepairPC Performance Pros is a comprehensive computer services shop that provides reliable and guaranteed services to the High Desert and the community of Apple Valley. Services includes computer upgrades, computer repair installation of both hardware and software and Laptop DC Jack repair or replacement. For all things computer related, PC Performance Pros is your one-stop-shop.

If the DC jack on your laptop is broken, it much less expensive to replace that part than it is to replace the whole machine. It is also the perfect time to upgrade the device. Common upgrades include adding more memory, adding WiFi, and sometimes even updating to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Software Services

PC Performance Pros provides computer services, such as software installation to businesses in the High Desert area as well as to the people of Victorville. How software is installed, is important. Improperly installed software can dramatically affect the speed by which your computer operates. It can also lead to loss of storage files and lost or incomplete data.

Victorville Virus RemovalPC Performance Pros, the High Desert PC Tune-up headquarters in Victorville does complete system tune-up with virus removal. The benefits for a PC tune-up are numerous, and it is a basic repair that everyone who connects their computer to the internet needs to considering having done.

A virus can cause many problems with your PC. It can delete certain files that are necessary for your PC to function. It can copy and spread itself to all of your contacts, other computers in the home or on your network. If your computer has a virus, it needs to be repaired.


High Desert Windows InstallationsPC Performance Pros is an expert at installing Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 for High Desert businesses and the people of Apple Valley. For the best in computer services, such as hardware and software installations, contact PC Performance Pros.

If you have a computer that you would like to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, then bring it into PC Performance Pros. The experts at PC Performance Pros can upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 or to Windows 8. Professional installation of Windows on your computer will enable your machine to run the latest software and hardware.

Apple Valley Data Back UpThe experts at PC Performance Pros can help you assess the amount of data that needs to be managed. With that information the PC Performance Pros can provide you with a list of options, complete with pricing, that will be required to cover your data back-up project. Additionally, PC Performance Pros can help with integration, and configuration of the new system. In some cases, data back-up can be set up automatically as a scheduled performance.



Hesperia Data RecoveryPC Performance Pros offers computer services, including Data Recovery, for the High Desert and the community of Apple Valley. A great tip for those people who do not need Data Recovery services is to start Data Back-Up protocols now. If your computer has experienced a hard drive failure that has resulted in loss of data, PC Performance can help. The following explains our data recovery program. Keep in mind that sometimes data is not recoverable.

PC Performance Pros offers a professional diagnostic service as part of our service policy to our High Desert customers. During this process, they can determine whether or not the hard drive has actually failed. In some cases, the hard drive is not the problem.

Hesperia Password Removal and RecoveryPC Performance Pros is your computer services one-stop-shop for password removal. PC Performance Pros provides computer services such as computer upgrades, computer repair, installation of hardware and software for all of the High Desert and Apple Valley. PC Performance Pros also offers an expert diagnostic service for all PC related issued. If your PC has issues, bring it by and let us diagnose the problem(s) for you without charge.

In today’s age of ever heightened cyber security and the cold reality of identity theft just a click away, it is not so surprising that more and more computer users are finding themselves locked out of their own device. Sometimes that is because they have just changed their password and then forgotten it. Other times the culprit may be a virus or malware. Whatever the cause, PC Performance Pros can help you regain control of your PC with their Password Removal service.

Victorville Printer Installation and TroubleshootingPC Performance Pros can help you with all of your Printer problems. PC Performance Pros offers a complete line of computer services to businesses of the High Desert and the great people of Hesperia.

If you are experiencing problems with your printer, PC Performance Pros can help. They offer printer troubleshooting and printer installation services. The work they do is guaranteed, and they offer a professional diagnostic service so that their customers are fully informed about problems and options.