PC Performance Pros provides a few tips and tricks for Victorville computers that run slow. Nothing is quite as frustrating as a computer that performs every task at a snail’s pace. If your High Desert computer is operating at a glacial pace, these tips and tricks might help it pick up the pace.

Reboot the System

As a means of saving energy, you should turn off your computer when it is not being used. Some people leave their computers turned for months at a time. If you have not powered down your computer within the last 24 hours, it is time to reboot the beast. Your computer stores information and the process continues to work. When you shut it down, it empties out all of the tasks it was working on giving the system more RAM and ROM for which to function.

Startup Programs and Toolbars

When your computer starts up, certain programs automatically start too. If you have pinned extra programs to the start menu, considering removing them. The only real program that should start when your computer starts is your antivirus program. If you use a program a lot, consider adding a shortcut on the desktop and just activating it yourself. In so doing, you free up a ton of memory that helps to speed up your computers performance.

If you want to check the CPU, you can do so by activating the Task Manager. PC Performance Pros will provide a professional diagnostics if you bring your system into our shop.

Temporary Files, Disk Maintenance and Hard Drive Maintenance

Temporary files and file storage can cause your computer to run slow. It is a good idea to delete the temp files from your browser at least weekly. Some browsers allow you to set a preference for temporary file storage.

The way your computer stores files can also make it run slower. If your computer has a lot of files on it run the disk defragment tool so that files that are related are stored near each other. When the file fragments are stored properly, your computer’s CPU works faster to find and assemble the fragments into a complete document.

Faulty Drives and Corrupt Drives

It happens that the drives on your computer can become corrupt, or they fail. A corrupt drive might be virus or malware related, or a physical failure. Also, bad drivers can cause disk drives to not work properly. PC Performance Pros is qualified to remove data from damaged disks. We also install new drives and additional RAM. Both can help boost the speed of your computer.

Malware and Virus

Both malware and viruses can cause your computer to run slow. Make sure that your computer’s antivirus program is up to date and then run a scan. If you find malware or viruses that your computer tells you cannot be removed, just bring the unit into our shop, and we will remove the malware for you. We will also make sure that your antivirus protection program is installed correctly.

PC Performance Pros is a quality computer repair facility that serves the High Desert and Victorville communities. We offer professional diagnostic for all computer and smart devices. Call us today for a free quote.