Similar to your car, your desktop or laptop computer requires a certain level of maintenance for the purpose of prolonging its life and getting the most out of your hardware in terms of performance. At PC Performance Pros in Victorville, our repair technicians can do a lot to improve the performance of your system; optimization, repairs, and upgrades are some of the most common services we offer. Still, there are some issues that you can take care of by yourself:

Air Flow and Cooling Issues

You always want to give your hardware enough space for air to circulate to keep your motherboard and internal hard drive at a safe operating temperature. Tower case structures should not be placed with vents against the wall. In the case of laptops, the side vents around the bezel should not be placed on top of a bed where they can sink into a blanket or comforter. Dust accumulation is something else you want to avoid; to this effect, you want to keep the areas where you place your hardware as clean as possible.

If you are having overheating issues, our technicians will physically check for excessive dust buildup and clean appropriately. This involves opening the chassis of the laptop or desktop and cleaning with compressed air. In some cases, a special insulating paste can be applied to certain components if the internal temperatures are too high.

Conflicting Security Software

Ideally, you should not have more than one antivirus program installed in your computer. Our security specialists can recommend and configure the antivirus solution that is more adequate for your system according to your usage patterns; this should be the only program protecting your system. More than one antivirus utility could lead to constant crashed. If you are looking for a second opinion in terms of security, you can run a cloud-based virus scan or contact our shop.

Power Cord and Electrical Issues

If you have a laptop, you should constantly remind yourself that it should be unplugged before you move it around. The logic behind this practice is that you want to disturb the DC jack as little as possible. This laptop part happens to be very sensitive; replacement will likely require soldering, but there is a caveat in the sense that some of these components are integrally connected to the motherboard. The last thing you want is to be pulling and yanking an electrical conductor tied to the motherboard.

Speaking of power cables, you should avoid plugging them directly into wall outlets or extension cords; ideally, you should always plug into a surge protector, which can be as simple as a power bar or as comprehensive as a battery backup system.