When a desktop computer has a fault, it’s usually a fairly straightforward fix. Laptops are a little more complicated and generally need to be sent in to a professional. The structure of a laptop is very similar to a desktop computer, with the caveat that all the components are much smaller and more tightly packed together.

The Laptop Won’t Turn On

This can often be diagnosed by first connecting the computer to the adapter and the adapter to the wall. From there:

  • If the computer turns on when the adapter is plugged in, but not when the adapter is unplugged, it’s likely that it is a battery issue.
  • If the computer’s adapter light does not turn green, it’s likely that the adapter needs to be changed.
  • If the adapter light is on but the computer does not respond at all, it’s likely that the adapter is broken or the jack needs to be fixed.
  • If the computer whirs or makes other sounds but the monitor remains black, it’s more likely that the monitor is broken.

The Laptop Turns Off While in Use

How the laptop turns off and in what circumstances it turns off can be used in forming a diagnosis:

  • If the computer is very warm and turns off when you’re using many programs, it’s likely an overheating problem.
  • If the computer makes a series of clicking noises and gives a blue screen error, it could be a hard drive or memory issue.
  • If the computer turns off intermittently for no reason and is not warm, it may be an issue with the power supply.

The Laptop is Making a Lot of Noises

The type of noise that a laptop makes can be used to diagnose it, though naturally all laptops will make some sound:

  • A loud clicking sound, often in addition to vibrating, may signify an upcoming hard drive failure.
  • A very loud buzzing or whirring sound may indicate a failing or malfunctioning fan.
  • Note that the absence of sound, such as the absence of a soft fan sound, can also be indicative of a problem.

If you’re having issues with your laptop, don’t try to take it apart! Contact us at PC Performance Pros in Victorville for professional repair. Attempting to open the case of your laptop will often void its warranty and may leave you with more trouble than it’s worth.