Common Computer Repair Issues in Hesperia | PC Performance & MaintenanceAs information technology becomes more advanced, so does our dependence on personal computing systems. In general, most people in the 21st century feel pretty comfortable about using computers, at least until they start malfunctioning.

Although PC Performance Pros is located in Victorville, our computer repair shop also gets many customers who come from nearby Apple Valley, Hesperia and other parts of the High Desert region. Over the years, our technicians have repaired hundreds of desktop and portable computers; this has allowed us to compile the following list of common issues and why they occur:

Computer Lags or Freezes

This has got to be the most common issue related to computer repair in Hesperia, and it is seldom related to hardware problems. More than likely, a Windows computer that is running very slowly and to the point of freezing up needs to be tuned up from an operating system and software point of view. If the computer locks up during the startup process but has no problems when starting up in Safe Mode, this could be solved with a simple fix that involves disabling certain programs set to load automatically after the computer is switched on.

Sudden Reboots

In Windows computers, the blue screen of death (BSOD) can come on unexpectedly. In most cases, the BSOD appears when there are problems with device drivers, registry settings, or kernel modules. In a few situations, a sudden reboot may signal a faulty or aging hardware issue; however, most of the time this can be fixed with a new installation of the operating system along with a proper configuration.

Hardware Failure

The Hesperia computer owners who are more likely to experience hardware issues are those who have legacy systems or budget equipment that has not received maintenance. These problems tend to occur from time to time before they become frequent. Some examples of hardware failure may include overheating, an unresponsive hard drive that is caught in a spin loop, USB connectors that lose power and lock up the system, or a computer that gets stuck at the boot sequence. Aging hardware components are bound to fail at some point; depending on the situation, the motherboard could be upgraded with certain components and connector. If the problem involves the cooling fan getting stuck at high speeds before the system fails to operate, the hardware may have exceeded its functional life.