Desktop systems do not meet the needs of college students who need computers they can take from the classroom to the dorm room and from the library to their homes. For this reason, college students make up a substantial percentage of laptop users, and thus tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft often compete for the attention of this computer buying segment.

High-End Laptops Students Often Consider

The Apple MacBook Air and the new Microsoft Surface Laptop are often marketed as the best portable systems for college students. These two high-end laptops are certainly attractive to users who are looking for performance and style, but these two factors and the brand names make these portable computers very pricey for cash-strapped college students. The Surface Laptop has been getting lots of positive reviews as a perfect device for college, particularly for its battery life and flexibility in terms of input devices; Microsoft has clearly surpassed Apple since this Surface model outshines the MacBook Air at a similar price.

There is no question that the MacBook Air and Surface Laptop are great portable computers for college students, but they both share a major disadvantage other than their high price: extremely limited repair and upgrade options. Once these machines reach their warranty expiration dates, college students will not have many reasonable options to repair them. In general, ultra-thin laptops are notoriously difficult to repair because manufacturers sacrifice functionality over style; furthermore, Apple and Microsoft know that many laptop users start looking to upgrade their systems after a few years, but these companies would rather sell their latest products.

More Cost Effective Laptop Upgrade Solutions

As attractive as the Surface Laptop and the MacBook Air may be, college students may be better off with laptops they can repair and upgrade at reasonable prices. Even simple repairs such as replacing a faulty capacitor or laptop DC jack could be complicated because they are not standard parts.

Realistically, a laptop that has been refurbished and upgraded would be a better option for college students who live in the High Desert area, particularly if they are sold by a local repair shop. For the most part, these systems can be quickly repaired again, and some can be upgraded one more time. The battery life of refurbished laptops may not be as impressive as the Surface Laptop, which can handle playing 4K video for 12 hours straight; however, the Surface battery is glued to the keyboard, which means that users cannot replace it.

At PC Performance Pros, college students can find various refurbished laptops that can fit into their lives without breaking the bank and with the peace of mind that they can be repaired if needed.