The Victorville computer printer market has become very fragmented over the last few years, and this is actually good news for many people.

Printing is no longer as popular as it used to be; the rise of digital culture, cloud computing and the desire to leave a smaller carbon footprint have made printers less ubiquitous than they used to be. Printers are actually more advanced and far more affordable than ever, which means that getting a new printer in Victorville these days is a great value proposition.

All-in-One Printers for Maximum Victorville Functionality

Getting an all-in-one printer for your Victorville home of office is a matter of spending $150 or less. We are talking about a multi-function printer that can handle scanning, copying and faxing. New printers can produce high-quality print resolutions at fast speeds; they also have additional features such automatic document feeder mode, duplex function for printing on both sides of a page, batch scanning, memory card slots, and advanced connectivity.

Until about 2005, connecting a printer to a Victorville desktop PC was a very easy task that involved connecting USB cables and using the CD drive to execute a software installer. If you intend to connect a modern printer to a single computer these days, the process is still very easy; however, installing a printer that will handle requests from multiple users using wireless devices is a different story.

If you use Windows 10 in Victorville, installing a fixed printer is as easy as connecting the device to the computer with the included USB cable, opening the Settings section from the Start Menu, clicking or tapping the Devices icon, and choosing Printers & Scanners. Windows 10 is pretty good at detecting printers and installing the correct drivers.

Install Wireless Victorville Printers

If you wish to allow multiple users in your Victorville home or office to access the printer via a wireless connection, you will need a network installation and setup. Adding a printer to a wireless network is not as easy as connecting a smartphone to a Wi-Fi router.

Modern Victorville printers have the ability to connect with a variety of devices; this feature is often called “handshake.” A properly installed printer can handle print jobs sent from smartphones and tablets whether they are powered by Android, iOS or BlackBerry, but only if the device has been properly installed. Firewall issues, UPnP conflicts, and incorrect settings can easily prevent users from accessing the printer from their devices.

If you require a professional wireless LAN install of your new printer in Victorville, contact PC Performance Pros.